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Formstack Forms combines powerful features with an easy-to-use form creator—empowering anyone on your team to build custom online forms and begin collecting data in minutes.

18 hours/week

Formstack Forms saves teams an average of 18 hours per week, giving them more time to focus on impactful work.


90% of customers say the Formstack web form builder helps them get their job done.

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G2 named Formstack a 2022 leader in Online Forms, Document Generation, and eSignature collection.
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Seamless online forms solutions for

any industry

Reimagine the way you do healthcare

Easily collect and share healthcare data across any device while meeting HIPAA standards.

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Transition to a paperless campus

Collect information from students and faculty with beautifully designed forms that can be built without IT’s help.

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Create digital insurance workflows

Let customers fill out quotes, policies, claims, and more from the convenience of any device.

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Collect financial information online

Gather data from clients, vendors, and more with beautifully designed financial services forms.

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Shift to digital government

Build online forms in minutes to collect data for applications, permits, claims, and more.

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Collect data out in the field

Create forms that can be completed anywhere and on any device—even without internet.

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Modernize your legal processes

Collect information from clients with legal forms that can be completed on any device.

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Collect data for your nonprofit

Sign up supporters, manage events, accept volunteers, gather donations, and more.

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Automate real estate workflows

Gather data from clients with professionally designed forms that can be completed anywhere.

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Streamline your data collection

Gather data with code-free forms that don’t require any technical knowledge to set up.

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Eliminate paperwork and reduce security risks across your healthcare organization with HIPAA supporting forms.

GDPR compliance

Gather data, generate documents, and collect signatures for consent, and opt-ins with our online forms.

PCI compliance

Use our PCI compliant online forms to reduce the risk of security breaches and safely accept payments anywhere.

Jumpstart your forms workflows with 300+ templates

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Therapy Forms
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Easily connect to your favorite apps

Formstack’s form builder integrates with hundreds of popular web applications so you can connect to the apps you love, automate data collection, and improve workplace productivity.

Streamline Salesforce data collection

Use any standard or custom object to build powerful forms directly in Salesforce—no mapping required. Reimagine the form experience by dynamically prefilling forms with your existing data. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Formstack Forms, anyone in your organization can build custom online forms, collect data, and automate processes. No coding required online form builder.
What is an online form?
What is an online form

An online form is a digital version of the paper forms we all know so well. By digitizing your forms, you can eliminate paper from your workflows, collect information faster, and store data securely.

How do web forms work?
How do web forms work

When a digital form is created and published, anyone with access to it can fill out the fields with their information. The collected data is then processed and organized for review, published in reports, or sent to other apps. Web forms can be useful for lead generation or fulfilling customer requests, such as subscribing to a newsletter or making a purchase.

How can I automate web forms with pre-existing data?
How can I automate web forms with pre-existing data

Formstack offers Field Prefill, a feature that leverages Single Sign-On (SSO) to allow users to connect their forms to identity providers such as OneLogin. Field Prefill takes the data you already have about your customers and uses it to reduce form abandonment by making the form-filling experience faster and easier to complete.

How do I prevent contact form spam?
How do I prevent contact form spam

Form spam occurs when humans or spam bots fill out online forms with false, abusive, or malicious information that contains phishing links intended to spread malware. Formstack offers a variety of ways to help you limit or eliminate spam submissions, including Invisible reCAPTCHA, password protection, and user permissions.

How can I add CAPTCHA to a contact form?
How can I add CAPTCHA to a contact form

reCAPTCHA can be used to prevent spam bots from submitting information through an online form. Formstack Forms offers an extra layer of security against bots through Invisible reCAPTCHA. To enable this feature, navigate to the Form Extras section at the top of the form builder and toggle the invisible reCAPTCHA feature to "On."

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